[mythtv] Live transcode while recording

René Bühlmann buehlmann at gmx.ch
Sun Nov 30 21:23:09 UTC 2008

Hi all,

I hope this message does not get posted twice now (subscribed with the wrong address ;) ).
If it does.. i'm sorry.

I'm planning to implement live transcoding for mythbackend. This will
make it possible to stream livetv with a lower bandwith (e.g. over the
web) or record a show in a different codec than it was broadcasted.
My plan is to extend the recording profiles for dvb sources to allow
transcoding and let the recorder do the actual transcoding prior sending
the stream to the "RingBuffer" (btw. is there a real ringbuffer in
mythtv or QT?). For the transcoding, i will use libavcodec.
An HTTP streaming server integrated into the mythbackend would then
allow the streaming of livetv to any software like WMP, Windows Mobile,
iphone without the need to install additional software.

Is there already some work done or are there any other suggestions on
how to do this?

René Bühlmann

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