[mythtv] Fwd: patch to increase mythmusic scanning output verbosity?

David Backeberg dbackeberg at gmail.com
Sun Nov 23 03:47:20 UTC 2008

>> You may have also noticed that mythtv works with a backend MySQL database.
> sadly what I've noticed is that either it doesn't scan in order, or it
> randomly decides to skip certain files, which doesn't help me figure
> out which file it may be held up on. I actually tried to do this, and
> moved the file I thought it was working on out of the folder, sadly it
> still had the hiccup, I did this a few times before deciding this was
> not the way to go about trying to solve this.

Now it's starting to become a myth-dev question. Details are helpful
in pinning down whether something is a bug or expected behaviour.

First, we're talking about mythmusic, which is a mythplugin. It will
be relevant which version you have, how you built it, or if it came
from a distro, etc. Next, up I should mention that the code version
that I have, checked out from release-0-21-fixes say that:


does a scan according to your settings for the plugin,
if it sees files it already knows about,
it ignores them unless the file timestamp has changed since the last
version it saw,
and doesn't bother any more processing on those files.

If you want to see the full un-clever, un-sped-up behaviour,
you need to empty the contents of your mythmusic plugin -associated
tables from your database.
Or you could... update the timestamps on all the files you want it to
rescan, but that's not the way I'd do it.

And now that we're turning this into a real myth-dev question, what is
the behavior that you think might be a bug or a problem?

> you may have noticed not everyone knows how to code, at all or as well
> as you apparently do.

You seem fluent in English, and the code comments, function names,
mysql table names, etc. are all in English. Hopefully these pointers
will help. If you want to see the same version of the code that I was
just referencing, you'll need to do an SVN checkout of the source
tree, or use the web-based graphical source viewers.

Going ahead and pulling the source will also be essential if you
really do move forward with patching your source, as patches are
generally made against very recent versions of the source tree.

> I believe you mean id3 tags.

touche. I definitely mean id3.

And the reason I bring it up, is sometimes people think they're having
the scanner not scan some files, when in fact, they were scanned, are
already in their database, and the id3 tags said something different
than what they thought, so the music ends up in a different section of
their playlist. Perhaps that's your problem?

I don't think you've defined what it is that you think is going wrong
with mythmusic. Please make it plain.

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