[mythtv] Audio-upmixing questions regarding #5900

Yeechang Lee ylee at pobox.com
Sun Nov 16 23:47:37 UTC 2008

I've patched my 0.21-fixes setup with #5900, and am pleased that now
5.1 audio works when timestretching, as well as fixing some other

Three questions:

* Is 5.1 audio always upmixed, or is it passed through by default
  unless there's timeshifting?
* If the answer to the previous question is "Passed through," does
  upmixing automatically stop and the frontend revert to the native
  audio track if a 5.1 recording's timestretch is returned to 1.0X?
* What advantages/disadvantages, if any, are there to upmixing non-5.1
  audio to 5.1?

Frontend:		P4 3.0GHz, 1.5TB software RAID 5 array
Backend:		Quad-core Xeon 1.6GHz, 6.6TB sw RAID 6
Video inputs:		Four high-definition over FireWire/OTA
Accessories:		47" 1080p LCD, 5.1 digital, and MX-600

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