[mythtv] SVN-HD-PVR. Just before I destroy my system with an update....

Mark Hutchinson markhsa at gmail.com
Thu Nov 13 15:55:01 UTC 2008

A few questions please.
I am running SVN for the HD-PVR support.
I have a version of the HD-PVR driver and SVN from about 2+ months ago.
Works mostly fine, with some errors, and problems.
Time up upgrade I suppose.

A few questions please:
-I see many patches that people are installing on SVN for the HD-PVR to 
work properly.  Does the latest SVN include all of these seemingly 
necessary patches?  If not, if there a simple way to get them all?

-On my last configure, the only option I used was "--enable-libfaad"  
and the lib64 stuff.  Does that still stand?  Or are there more 
configure options that I should be using?  ( Fedora 9 and 
Core2duo/Nvidia 8600 + firewire channel change on STB )

-Have there been sunbstantial improvements over the last 2 months?  I 
follow the lists to some extent, but would love to know some opinions on 

-How about a small status on what is/is not working with SVN and the 
HD-PVR?  Playback issues or anything?

I simply want to get some information before I upgrade today.

Thanks all!

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