[mythtv] MythUI Screenshots - "Watch Recordings"

Jason Gabriele jason.gabriele at gmail.com
Fri Nov 7 05:18:29 UTC 2008

> On Tuesday 04 November 2008 05:57:56 Jason Gabriele wrote:
> > I think MythTV should only require a 6-button remote.
> The six button remote is a myth that needs to be dispelled, even Apple,
> king
> of the simple UI don't have a six button remote. "Wait a minute!" I
> hear you
> cry, "yes it does!". Look again, holding down buttons for a little
> longer
> triggers different behaviour. So it's no longer a six button remote,
> it's at
> least 8 buttons. "Ok, now you're being picky", well yes I am but for
> good
> reason.
> So why can't MythTV just use 8 buttons then? Well mostly it can, but
> you can't
> compare MythTV to AppleTV because one is a media player and the other
> is a
> powerful PVR and media centre. The difference here is, would you rather
> navigate through a maze of long menus to access features or press a
> single
> button. Features like "one touch" recording are no longer possible,
> forget
> about muting embedded video or using the music miniplayer whilst
> browsing
> other screens.
> Changing channels now takes 30 seconds instead of being instant and
> bringing
> up subtitles 10 seconds. Deleting a long list of recordings, channel,
> schedules takes three times as long because you've no delete key on
> your 8
> button remote. The reason these buttons exist on most remotes, after
> more than
> three decades of evolution in remote design, is because people want
> them and
> they save time. The Apple remote might be stylish and the Apple
> faithful might
> throw themselves on a sword to defend it, but it's not practical for a
> TV,
> STB, PVR and yes, a full featured media centre.
> MythTV, especially after the mythui port is complete should hopefully
> be a
> more consistent experience. You will be just about be able to control
> it with
> a six (eight) button remote, but only a masochist would chose it over
> something like the Windows MCE remote.
> --
> Stuart Morgan

When I said 6-7 buttons, I meant for use with menu navigation (where the
changes seem to be happening). Obviously, other functions are best left for
their specific buttons. I just wanted to make that menu navigation would
remain simple as it is today and to avoid the addition of new keys just for
changing categories, for instance. 


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