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Thor Sigvaldason mythtv-dev@snowman.net
Mon, 16 Sep 2002 16:13:43 -0400

On Monday 16 September 2002 03:18 pm, you wrote:
> Looks like mythweb is right on track to be a nifty interface.  I like
> the search feature.

	Still in very early stages, but it's coming along...

> Are the colors supposed to mean anything?  The meaningful recording
> factoid is shown with a red outline, but the red outline is made hard
> to see by the rainbow of colors.

	Program type colours are a work on progress. Note that you can set 
everything to a neutral colour (say, grey) in settings.php, and then the 
recording outline is easier to see. All of this will eventually be 
customizable from within the web interface itself.

> The descriptions appear to be of random and unbounded length; so
> having them in tends to make many listings pages render as uneven
> horizontally-scrolled tables.  It might be good to truncate the
> descriptions or use a teeny font or something.

	Definitely needs work. I was planning on parsing them and breaking up long 
ones with forced spaces, especially as sometimes descriptions include really 
long URLs that completely mess up the table. Truncating and adding elipses 
(...) would work as well. 

> I'm running the php stuff on a different machine from mysql/mythtv.
> This works, but it took me forever to get mysql to cooperate.  The
> GRANT command appears to be broken in my install; I had to use
> explicit inserts and such on the "user" admin table.  Hmph.  Now that
> I've figured it out, I think I'll move mysql itself to my real server
> off of my tv machine, as too many queries seem to make the video skip!

	There a *LOT* of queries going on in MythWeb, and it's only going to get 
worse (adding favourites, for example). 

	Note that when you use the GRANT command, you have to flush the grant tables 
for the settings to take effect. See:


> Here's a little tweak to make the quotes be a setting.  They're huge,
> and right at the top, so I don't like them ;)

	Will get that change worked in over the next day or two.



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