[mythtv] No picture/sound: Shuttle SS40, Hauppauge WinTV, RedHat 7.3

Jens Lohmann-Hansen mythtv-dev@snowman.net
Sun, 15 Sep 2002 16:28:24 +0200

O.K., I fixed my own problem after several hours of surfing for some

I found out that mplayer did not work out of the box either (however xmms
did - which I tried at first). It turns out that this KDE stuff has a lock
on /dev/dsp!! So artsd must not run (disabled in KDE control
center->sound->sound server), or mythtv must be made artsd aware (?).
Maybe it is a FAQ candidate?

Even better, mythmusic seems to work now also.

Well - back to mythtv; I need to get this remote control working.


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> Hello.
> I built mythtv yesterday from the CVS tarball (14 sep 2002), and today I
> no picture (or sound). Yesterday I could watch tv (no sound), pause,
> forward/rewind etc. just fine.
> System: Shuttle SS40, RedHat 7.3 "full install", Hauppauge WinTV-PCI-FM
> I start mythtv as root (hmm - bad habit), and the output is:
> Probed: Television
> Probed: Composite1
> Probed: S-Video
> Probed: Composite3
> Changing from None to WatchingLiveTV
> [seems to be waiting for something - load from this point is 0.00]
> The ringbuf.nuv file is 0 bytes (deleted it previously to see if that was
> the problem) and stays at 0 bytes.
> The codec is rtjpeg, sound is at 32000Hz (yup, I've been reading posts,
> etc.), xawtv seems to work, and sound in xawtv is fine too (through the
> loop-back cable).
> I did install the mysql stuff, but I have no data in the tables (I live in
> Denmark; no xmltv for me I guess). Stopping mysqld before running mythtv
> does not help (except telling me that the database is not available).
> Any ideas?!
> /Jens
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