[mythtv] buglet in cvs?

Isaac Richards mythtv-dev@snowman.net
Sat, 14 Sep 2002 02:12:28 -0400

On Saturday 14 September 2002 12:58 am, Grant Taylor wrote:
> Yes, I went looking earlier and there was no apparent audio rate
> stored in the myth-nuv header.  Unless it's readily visible in the
> mp3/ogg stream itself, I guess that's that.
> While you're breaking things, you might want to put some pad and a
> version in the header or something for next time.


So, went and did this, just added another frame header that gets parsed out.
Left enough room that it should be useable for s'more data as well -- I'm 
currently storing most of the useful encode quality data in the new frame, 

Anyway, no more problems recording at one sampling rate and then changing to 
another rate.  I'm still not doing any resampling, though, so if the output 
device isn't capable of doing what the recorded rate is, stuff'll break.  
Shouldn't be too important, though, I wouldn't think.

The player's still capable of reading the old style files, and I'm pretty sure 
the new files will play on old players, though with the same limitations as 
the old files.

> Speaking of bugs, the only two substantive bugs I've seen are:
>  - Watching the thing being recorded fails when you ffw off the end or
>    the recording stops and you're watching in the middle.  In both
>    cases the mythtv menu pops up.  The ffw/rew/pause progress
>    indicator also has a gibberish total length number for in-progress
>    recordings.  In Tv it looks like the watching a recording state is
>    the same for finished and in-progress recordings; maybe there are
>    one or two places where it has to know the difference?

Probably.  I think I've tested playing the in-progress recording a grand total 
of twice.  I'll check it out sometime.

>  - The ffw/rew hang bug.  You said you thought it might be an audio
>    sync problem, and it does act like it: if I wait between ffw button
>    press for the audio to seek and start again, it never hangs.  If I
>    just spew ffw buttons at it, then it'll stop keeping up with the
>    audio and will hang in short order.  It appears to always hang for
>    about 1 minute or so.

Can you update your cvs checkout again?  I _may_ have fixed this..  There was 
a small space in time after a seek where the calculated audio position could 
be really off, and if the math worked out wrong, it could lead to what you