[mythtv] Any single-board solutions?

Dr. J. S. Pezaris mythtv-dev@snowman.net
Fri, 13 Sep 2002 09:39:21 -0400

Hi All,

I've been following the All-in-Wonder thread with a little disappointment,
as there's one in the mail on it's way to me right now.

Is there *any* single-board solution for MythTV?  I'm trying to build a
media box in one of the Cupid 2677R cases (nice and small); it has one
(yes, 1) PCI expansion slot, and the motherboards available for the form
factor (mFATX/mini-ITX) either have soldered-in too-slow processors (eg,
Via C3 800 MHz, equivalent to a PIII-500 at best) *or* don't have TV out.
Therefore, the best approach seems to be to use an all-in-one video card to
capture the TV signal and generate the TV out, with a motherboard that can
carry a processor, say, Celeron 1.4GHz, with sufficient oopmh to do at
least VCD-level live TV without dropping any frames.

Any advice from someone on the list with relevant experience building
similar boxes?

Also, I'd love to see more reports of resolution/quality vs CPU load for a
given processor speed!  


	- pz.

John Pezaris, Ph.D.