[mythtv] Music.

Isaac Richards mythtv-dev@snowman.net
Wed, 31 Jul 2002 14:29:32 -0400

I just (late last night) committed the music module to CVS..   so anyone 
interested can grab it from the CVS stuff on the webpage.  The last few days 
of updates on the webpage have details on what it does, and links to 

Some notes:
  - The .sql file in the musicdb dir needs to be inserted into the same 
database the TV portion uses.
  - it's not meant to be installed yet, and needs to be run from the directory 
it's compiled from.
  - Searching for music in the directory you tell it to in the settings file 
will take awhile at startup (the first time it's run) and there's no progress 
bar or any indication of status, so, it'll look like it's just sitting there, 
depending on how large a directory you give it.
  - You need: libmad and libid3tag from the Mad MP3 decoder, a complete vorbis 
installation (I've only tested with the 1.0 release),  libcdaudio, the cd 
paranoia libs, and FLAC.  All dependencies exist as standard packages in 
  - The ripper encodes to "low", "medium", and "high" quality vorbis files 
currently.  These map to -q3, -q6, and -q10 quality settings in.  Basically, 
low quality is set for ~128kbps MP3 quality, medium is about twice the 
bitrate, and high is about twice medium's bitrate.  I'll be adding support to 
encode to FLAC files shortly.

If I could get some feedback from other people on how well/poorly it works, 
that'd be excellent..  What else it needs, what doesn't work as expected, 
that sorta thing.