[mythtv] Re: Linkin it so far

Isaac Richards mythtv-dev@snowman.net
Sat, 20 Jul 2002 22:29:56 -0400

On Saturday 20 July 2002 07:56 pm, daz@undertaker.homeip.net wrote:
> for some odd reason, i didnt get any of the reply emails....oh well.  here
> the replies to the replies:

I'll cc you just to make sure, then..

> >Great.  Well, perl 5.8 should make debian eventually, and then I'll have
> >to deal with it and xmltv, and I had enough trouble getting it working as
> >it was.. What parts of my code didn't qt3-cvs like?
> you can find an error log here:
> undertaker.homeip.net/error.log  not sure if you want/need more than that.

Nope, that's good.  Only real error there, amid all the type mismatch 
complaints, is a missing iostream include, and someone compiling on Suse just 
reported that earlier today.  Not sure what pulls it in on my box, but 
something obviously does.

> Im working on trying the whole 'stopping when it should' thing.  Ill let
> you know the result.

If it's still happening, try adding this line to libmythtv/recordinginfo.cpp, 
before line 43 (the free(convtime)): 

    printf("%s\n", asctime(convtime));

and this line to mythfrontend/main.cpp, line 76, after the sprintf:

    printf("%s\n", endt);

That'll print out two lines whenever it starts recording something.  They 
_should_ show the same time (second will print out 
year/month/day/hour/minute, with no delimiters between fields, the first will 
be more readable.)  If they don't, well, that's the bug =)

> One other question...Im using mythtv on my X11 session.  However, my mouse
> disappears in the mythtv windows (frontend and epg).  is that supposed to
> happen?

Yeah, it's desired behavior, at least for me.  I'm using the interface with a 
remote, so I don't want the mouse pointer showing up and interrupting things.  
Should be quite easy to make it configurable at the same time I make the 
mysql server stuff configurable as well.