[mythtv] Newbie to the list

Brian Fahrlander mythtv-dev@snowman.net
Fri, 19 Jul 2002 02:32:24 -0500

    I was just strolling about on Freshmeat tonight when I found this project.  I don't really need a set-top-box; I won't be getting any traditional cable TV where I'm going. (See http://www.CounterMoon.com)

    But at some point the project and mine will cover a lot of mututal territory.  I intend to use IRMan (with IrManager) to control the TV/VCR/DVD/Satellite, using an OnScreen Display, and also control various fans and check temperatures, etc from the same machine.

    I'm having some trouble visualizing the whole thing.   Maybe my attempts to help with your project will help.

    The "Tv Guide" function...does it only work in UK?  I'm gonna be travelling, but not that far.  :)
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