[mythtv] mythtv cvs trouble?

John Coiner jcoiner@stanfordalumni.org
Tue, 09 Jul 2002 21:39:10 -0400


I'm having more cvs trouble. cvs hangs while doing a fresh checkout of 
'MC'. Do you know what's up?

I can build and run mythtv from this checkout, so cvs is almost done 
when it hangs.

john@lurk:~/mc$ cvs -z3 co MC
john@ijr.dnsalias.org's password:
cvs server: Updating MC
cvs server: Updating MC/configfiles
U MC/configfiles/lircd.conf.example
U MC/configfiles/lircrc.example
cvs server: Updating MC/dialog
U MC/dialog/Makefile
U MC/dialog/dialogbox.cpp
U MC/dialog/dialogbox.h
U MC/dialog/main.cpp
U MC/dialog/mythdialog.pro
cvs server: Updating MC/epg
U MC/epg/Makefile
U MC/epg/guidegrid.cpp
U MC/epg/guidegrid.h
U MC/epg/infodialog.cpp
U MC/epg/infodialog.h
U MC/epg/infostructs.cpp
U MC/epg/infostructs.h
U MC/epg/main.cpp
U MC/epg/mythepg.pro
cvs server: Updating MC/programdb
U MC/programdb/filldata
U MC/programdb/grabdata
U MC/programdb/mc.sql
U MC/programdb/record.sql
U MC/programdb/to_mysql
cvs server: Updating MC/tv
U MC/tv/Makefile
U MC/tv/channel.cpp
U MC/tv/channel.h
U MC/tv/frequencies.c
U MC/tv/frequencies.h
U MC/tv/helr.ttf
U MC/tv/main.cpp
U MC/tv/recordinginfo.cpp
U MC/tv/recordinginfo.h
U MC/tv/settings.cpp
U MC/tv/settings.h
U MC/tv/settings.txt
U MC/tv/tv.cpp
U MC/tv/tv.h
cvs server: Updating MC/tv/docs
U MC/tv/docs/LICENSE
U MC/tv/docs/LICENSE.jpeg
U MC/tv/docs/LICENSE.rtjpeg
U MC/tv/docs/README
U MC/tv/docs/README.rtjpeg
cvs server: Updating MC/tv/examples
U MC/tv/examples/Makefile
U MC/tv/examples/nuvplay.cpp
U MC/tv/examples/nuvrec.cpp
cvs server: Updating MC/tv/libNuppelVideo
U MC/tv/libNuppelVideo/Makefile
U MC/tv/libNuppelVideo/NuppelVideoPlayer.cpp
U MC/tv/libNuppelVideo/NuppelVideoPlayer.h
U MC/tv/libNuppelVideo/NuppelVideoRecorder.cpp
U MC/tv/libNuppelVideo/NuppelVideoRecorder.h
U MC/tv/libNuppelVideo/RTjpegN.cpp
U MC/tv/libNuppelVideo/RTjpegN.h
U MC/tv/libNuppelVideo/RingBuffer.cpp
U MC/tv/libNuppelVideo/RingBuffer.h
U MC/tv/libNuppelVideo/XJ.cpp
U MC/tv/libNuppelVideo/XJ.h
U MC/tv/libNuppelVideo/effects.cpp
U MC/tv/libNuppelVideo/effects.h
U MC/tv/libNuppelVideo/format.h
U MC/tv/libNuppelVideo/jitterometer.cpp
U MC/tv/libNuppelVideo/jitterometer.h
U MC/tv/libNuppelVideo/lzoconf.h
U MC/tv/libNuppelVideo/minilzo.cpp
U MC/tv/libNuppelVideo/minilzo.h
U MC/tv/libNuppelVideo/mmx.h
U MC/tv/libNuppelVideo/osd.cpp
U MC/tv/libNuppelVideo/osd.h
U MC/tv/libNuppelVideo/ttfont.cpp
U MC/tv/libNuppelVideo/ttfont.h
     <-- hangs for 10 minutes here. So, I hit CTRL-C ...
Killed by signal 2.
cvs [checkout aborted]: received interrupt signal