[mythtv] trouble changing channels

Matt Ettus mythtv-dev@snowman.net
Mon, 26 Aug 2002 22:05:49 -0700

Quoting Isaac Richards <ijr@po.cwru.edu>:

> On Monday 26 August 2002 10:16 pm, Matt Ettus wrote:
> > Absolutely nothing else is using /dev/dsp (checked with lsof).  I get no
> > audio from mythtv, but I can hear live audio straight from the card. 
> > Pause, FF, rewind all seem to work ok.  So does the on-screen-display.  I
> > can go into and out of the program guide.  However, if I hit the up or
> down
> > arrows to change the channel, the display freezes.  I can go back to the
> > original window and ctrl-c it, but that is the only way out.
> >
> > Any ideas?  Thanks
> Looks like your soundcard can't be opened full duplex, which is why it's 
> hanging on channel change.  Fix that (alsa might work), and it'll work.

Good catch.  But after investigating, there are other issues....

>From a clean boot, I can run other audio apps (full-duplex or just play or just
record, even xawtv) as much as I want.  I can kill -9 them in the middle.  No
problem.  But if I run mythtv, whether from a clean boot or after running other
sound apps, it can't open the audio device.  Then, after I quit mythtv, no other
program can open the /dev/dsp device for writing until I reboot.  Reading is
still ok, though.

This is confirmed by using mythmusic -- I can run mythfrontend, and play music
just fine, until I try to watch tv with it.