[mythtv] small problems with mythtv

Isaac Richards mythtv-dev@snowman.net
Wed, 7 Aug 2002 19:40:14 -0400

On Wednesday 07 August 2002 07:31 pm, griffenjam wrote:
> Well, when I run filldata I don't get any errors. How can I check to
> make sure the data is where it is supposed to be?

Well, first of all, does running 'mythepg' say anything on the console?  I'm 
assuming that running it doesn't show an interface..

Anyway, to check to see if all the data got inserted properly:

Run the mysql command line client..  'mysql'
Might need to give it a username/password, though that would depend on your 
setup -- with my stock debian installation, root can connect to the db 
without anything like that.

then at the prompt:

 use mythconverg;
 select * from channel;

You should get a bunch of information from that..  If you do, then the 
problem's something else, and we'll go from there.