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#13121: Sat>IP client support
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Comment (by fe31nz):

 In my MythTV 0.31-fixes system where I record from SAT>IP using IPTV URLs,
 I have a number of recordings (7 this year so far) that were done at the
 same time that I have my daily anacron jobs running (which include my
 MythTV database check and backup jobs).  They seem to have recorded
 without any problems.  This method of recording uses URLs like this in


 and appears to use the RTP/RTSP code that was originally create for Ceton
 tuners.  So if the new SAT>IP code is using the same RTP/RTSP code, then
 it should also be able to record through the database checking and
 backups.  My database is extremely large - the last backup .tar.gz file is
 2,994,561,822 bytes.  The checking and backup of it is very intensive work
 and only happens in a reasonable time due to my running it on a very fast
 NVMe SSD.  Howvever, to prevent problems at some time in the past I
 altered my /etc/cron.daily/mythtv-database file so that it runs
 mythconverg_backup.pl at lower priority (nice -n 2), and I run a modified
 version mythconverg_backup.pl that puts its temporary file (before
 compression) on the same NVMe SSD instead of on the ultimate destination
 drive for the backup file (a network drive on my Windows box).

 If you want to try them, I have put my /etc/cron.daily/mythtv-database and
 /usr/local/bin/mythconverg_backup_jsw.pl files on my web server:



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