[mythtv-commits] Ticket #13628: mythtv-status script causes issue with scp

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Sat May 30 08:26:42 UTC 2020

#13628: mythtv-status script causes issue with scp
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 The scp command fails sometimes due to a conflict with the mythtv-status
 script.  An ssh session works as expected.

 "mythtv" is the pc with mythtv installed, scp is run from another desktop
 pc both are running linux.

 In both cases scp is run on the desktop pc, 1 copying a file from mythtv
 pc to the  desktop pc and 2 copying a file from the desktop pc to the
 mythtv pc

 Case 1 (file copied from mythtv pc to desktop pc):

 scp mythtv:filename filename

 protocol error: unexpected <newline>

 The file (filename) isn't copied from the desktop to the mythtv box.

 Case 2 (file copied from desktop pc to mythtv pc):

 scp filename mythtv:filename


 MythTV status for localhost"

 There is a \n (causing a blank line) before the text.

 The file (filename) isn't copied in either case 1 or case 2.

 Uninstalling the mythtv-status package resolves the issue (ie scp copies
 the file as expected so this is the workaround) as does removing the
 .ssh/rc file that causes the mythtv-status to run on remote login (via ssh
 or scp) to the mythtv pc.

 You may want to re-classify this ticket as "Bindings - Perl" as it is a
 perl script.

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