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#13121: Sat>IP client support
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Comment (by gigem):

 Replying to [comment:47 Klaas de Waal]:
 > Next step is that the SatIP implementation will be restructured along
 the lines of how the HDHomeRun support is implemented. This is a
 comparable device, with four independent tuners and use of UDP packets for
 the video streaming. The HDHomeRun works OK with only a 1Mbyte UDP input
 buffer (instead of 8Mbyte) and it does not do extra buffering at the
 input. The current SatIP implementation is largely inspired by how it is
 done for Ceton and IPTV.

 Klaas, FYI, I had a serious problem this past summer with frequent
 corruption in  most recordings.  With help, I traced the problem to lack
 of buffer space for my HDHR and Ceton tuners.  I suspected a Linux kernel
 change was to blame as I'd never had the problem before and I don't
 believe the MythTV recorders had changed.  Regardless of the cause, I
 raised my HDRingbufferSize setting to 75200 to get rid of the corruption.
 I have plenty of memory in my backend so I didn't spend any time backing
 that value down to see how low it could go without causing the problem.

 Do the SatIP devices support TCP?  From what I have gathered from other,
 HDHR users, using TCP does not have the same buffering problem and is also
 the recommended, access method from SiliconDust.  If the SaiIP boxes
 support TCP, you should consider using it, at least optionally.

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