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Sun Dec 6 11:49:16 UTC 2020

#13121: Sat>IP client support
 Reporter:  cg@…                |          Owner:  Klaas de Waal
     Type:  Patch - Feature     |         Status:  assigned
 Priority:  minor               |      Milestone:  32.0
Component:  MythTV - Recording  |        Version:  Master Head
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Comment (by Klaas de Waal):

 Again thanks for testing!

 The latest update, commit f5e0fc0cf812b7615d571ef217e50229301bd5ef, skips
 the tuning part if you have a second recording on the same multiplex and
 thus avoids the "Sequence error" and the associated packet loss.

 Next step is that the SatIP implementation will be restructured along the
 lines of how the HDHomeRun support is implemented. This is a comparable
 device, with four independent tuners and use of UDP packets for the video
 streaming. The HDHomeRun works OK with only a 1Mbyte UDP input buffer
 (instead of 8Mbyte) and it does not do extra buffering at the input. The
 current SatIP implementation is largely inspired by how it is done for
 Ceton and IPTV.

 This should fix the remaining issues:
 - inefficient/slow due to buffering all received input data
 - allow to close the input device when not in use
 - allow restart of the backend

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