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Fri Oct 18 10:14:52 UTC 2019

#13493: Regression in GetChannelInfoList services API
 Reporter:  Gary Buhrmaster                  |          Owner:  Bill Meek
     Type:  Bug Report - General             |         Status:  new
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                                             |  needs_triage
Component:  MythTV - Services API - Backend  |        Version:  Master Head
 Severity:  medium                           |     Resolution:
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Comment (by Klaas de Waal):

 No bisect needed, the API function GetChannelInfoList does indeed call the
 modified function.

 A question is whether this API function is intended to provide an
 interface to the existing mythfrontend functionality which shows the
 program guide, or if this API function is independent and only shares part
 of the implementation.

 This also depends on how applications use the API function; is it used to
 provide a program guide, similar to mythfrontend, or is it used to provide
 a channel editor, similar to mythtv-setup?
 If it is used to provide a program guide then it should not show the
 channels from an unconnected video source, as these channels cannot be
 viewed or recorded.

 Possibly two separate API functions, or an additional parameter to the
 existing API function, may be needed.

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