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Wed May 22 17:24:02 UTC 2019

#13223: ffmpeg 3.4 and VDPAU problem with some h264 videos
 Reporter:  Peter Bennett            |          Owner:  Peter Bennett
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Comment (by tlathm):

 A few more additions to this: What especially struck me about the ffmpeg
 test above is the fact that the ffmpeg utility is in fact using the same
 avcodec_send_packet function that's failing for me in MythTV 30.0 for
 these videos. That test was with the ffmpeg-3.4.5 that's installed on my

 That gave me the idea to try a few other tests. I downloaded the ffmpeg
 source for both version 4.0.2 (as is used in MythTV 30.0) as well as the
 newest stable 4.1.3 version. In both I did a configure and "make examples"
 in order to test the hw_decode.c under docs/examples...for example:

 hw_decode vdpau jellyfish-55-mbps-hd-h264.mkv out

 That worked in both of those versions, and is also using
 avcodec_send_packet. Very odd. That would seem to rule out quite a bit. It
 seems as though there has to be something different about the raw data
 getting sent to that function in MythTV, though I can't imagine what.

 Also note that I've now actually reverted to MythTV 29.1 and can confirm
 that all the problem videos play fine using vdpau decoding. At this point
 I'm just hoping that someone else will be able to duplicate this. If it
 happens to somehow be a 32-bit issue of some sort the odds might not be

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