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#13446: Android Digital Audio
 Reporter:  Peter Bennett    |          Owner:  Peter Bennett
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Comment (by Peter Bennett):

 Channels - You are right. I did not see the 5POINT1 setting.

 I had thought that 5.1 had side speakers and 7.1 added the rear ones. I
 guess that is wrong. I will get that fixed.

 Regarding DISABLE_AC3 I assume you are referring to the DISABLE_AC3_ENCODE
 macro. This is a temporary fix because the audio encode was not working
 during speedup. I hope to get it sorted out. The basic problem is that the
 SPDIF encoding is done in android so it needs to be bypassed in the AC3
 encoding done during speedup and I did not succeed in getting that bypass
 working. That macro causes the AC3 encoding to by bypassed so that it
 reverts to stereo during speedup.

 I think that multi-channel LPCM is not working correctly due to incorrect
 ordering of channels. This is another thing that needs to be fixed. This
 is likely the cause of your LFE not working. Unfortunately I do not have a
 sound system capable of multi-channel LPCM.

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