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#13446: Android Digital Audio
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Comment (by mspieth):

 I have been testing audiotrack. A few observations on nvshield:
  * on playback and press back/escape to get the quit menu, myth locks up.
 Not sure why yet. It times out eventually.
  * In audio setup, selected 5.1 with upconvert best, then test speakers,
 surround left and right come out of front left and right, and lfe comes
 out of center. Also not sure why. Could be my setup (shield (hdmi) -> TV
 -> AVAmp. This setup works with a PC in passthrough mode (spdif).
  * on skip (e.g. ads), some audio from the part before skip gets played
 before the new audio is played. No sync problems when this occurs. Sounds
 like the part buffered in android audiotrack is not cleared when the rest
 is cleared.

 I'll have a look at (some of) these tomorrow.

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