[mythtv-commits] Ticket #13455: EIT/ETT broadcast data; title/description mismatch

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Thu May 9 22:05:35 UTC 2019

#13455: EIT/ETT broadcast data; title/description mismatch
     Reporter:  royboy626             |      Owner:  Karl Egly
         Type:  Bug Report - General  |     Status:  new
     Priority:  minor                 |  Milestone:  needs_triage
    Component:  MythTV - EIT          |    Version:  v30-fixes
     Severity:  medium                |   Keywords:
Ticket locked:  0                     |
 Ticket #11476 closed in early 2018. Title(EIT)/Description(ETT) mismatches
 occur for me (ATSC over-the-air broadcast/United States) with v30
 (compiled and RPMFusion). The mismatches become more numerous with time.

 My libmythtv.160508.v0.28.patch and its predecessors have worked for me
 for 5-6 years now (though it does not conform to standard) by disabling
 ETT caching. This patch patches v30. I know of no problems generated by
 use of this patch. If I thought there was a hope some piece of this patch
 to be merged, I would make it conform to standard.

 It would appear that the use of the ATSC <EIT ETT> parameter
 will have to be used if title/description matching and ETT caching are to

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