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#13446: Android Digital Audio
 Reporter:  Peter Bennett    |          Owner:  Peter Bennett
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Comment (by Peter Bennett):

 Add "!AudioTrack" Audio playback capability for Android

 Add a new audio output module for android devices. This supports
 digital passthrough as well as multi-channel LPCM. It also supports
 hardware accelerated decoding of media streams if your sound system
 does not support them.

 At this time there is a restriction that time stretch will use
 stereo or multi-channel LPCM. It does not support AC3 output
 in time stretch mode.

 Internal volume control is not supported via !AudioTrack. If software
 volume control is used, AC3 output is disabled.

 == java code ==

 I have added a java module in a new directory "android-package-source".
 This is merged during android packaging with the packaging directory
 "android-package-source". I propose that any java code that is by nature
 application code should be in the mythtv repository. I suggest that the
 other two java modules also be moved to the mythtv directory, for
 consistency to keep the code together.

 == To use !AudioTrack on Android ==

 In the Android setup, choose "Automatic" or "Best Available". There is no
 need to force Dolby Digital in Android, it will be used automatically if
 your hardware supports it.

 Select "AudioTrack:" audio device. Enable all entries under "Digital
 Capabilities" and set the appropriate number of speakers. Android will
 detect whether your TV or sound system supports the audio format and will
 either pass it through or decode it within android hardware. So for
 example you can select Dolby Digital even if your sound system, TV or
 display monitor does not support it and android will decode it. If you do
 not select the checkbox, MythTV will decode it.

 I have tested Dolby Digital (AC-3). I cannot test multi channel LPCM, DTS,
 E-AC3, etc. If anybody can test these it would be appreciated. In
 particular, testing multi-channel LPCM is needed to make sure the channel
 mapping is correct.

 Let me know if there is any feedback.

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