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#13472: Channel Scan improvements
     Reporter:  Klaas de Waal             |      Owner:  Klaas de Waal
         Type:  Developer Task            |     Status:  assigned
     Priority:  minor                     |  Milestone:  needs_triage
    Component:  MythTV - Channel Scanner  |    Version:  Master Head
     Severity:  medium                    |   Keywords:
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 This ticket is intended to document and track non-trivial changes to the
 Channel Scan of mythtv-setup.

 The idea is to add patches to this ticket that can be applied to the
 latest master. This gives the possibility for feedback and early testing,
 before the changes are committed to master.

 The attached patch, 20190724-keep-channum-ok-all.patch, implements the
 following features.

 **1. Add "OK All" button**

 After a channel scan you can get a pop-up dialog with text like this:
  "Channel xxx has channel number 1 but that is already in use. Please
 enter a unique channel number. Default is 5."
 This question is repeated for each channel with a duplicate channel
 number, requiring a press on the OK button for each.
 There is now an "OK All" button that answers OK for all channels.

 **2. Keep existing channel numbers with a rescan**

 In mythtv-setup the channel number is by default the service ID of that
 channel, unless there is a LCN Logical Channel Number present. The channel
 numbers can later be modified with the Channel Editor of mythtv-setup.\\
 However, this leads to conflicts when the video source is scanned again.\\
 On a rescan mythtv-setup now keeps the existing channel numbers.\\
 Previously, the only way known to me to have user-defined channel numbers
 is to run a SQL script over the channel table after each scan.

 **3. No more channel conflicts on service ID's**

 A "conflicting channel" in mythtv-setup is a channel that does not have a
 unique channel number. It is essential to have a unique channel number for
 all channels in a video source otherwise mythbackend can arbitrarily
 select any channel with the same channel number for a recording.\\
 However, mythtv-setup also considers a channel conflicting if the service
 ID is the same as another channel and then forces the user to enter a
 unique channel number.\\
 In my understanding this is a bug because A. it does not change the
 service ID and B. service ID's do not need to be unique.\\
 For DVB the test on service ID is removed and all DVB channels are now
 considered "non-conflicting" to start with. Note that later on the check
 on uniqueness of the channel number is still done.

 The test case for this is the Hotbird 13.0E satellite. This satellite has
 a number of different networks. Each network has probably unique service
 ID's but, over all channels of the satellite, there are many channels with
 identical service ID's and identical Logical Channel Numbers.\\
 With this patch, mythtv-setup can now scan all channels of the Hotbird
 13.0E with a minimum number of key presses by the user.

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