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#10101: EITpf timing for recordings
 Reporter:  David Matthews <dm@…>  |          Owner:  stuartm
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Comment (by Klaas de Waal):

 I have tested the patch with the local DVB-C signal (Ziggo / The
 Netherlands) using a single tuner and a single recording per tuner.

 Timing accuracy\\
 The EITpf is, as I understand it, used to update the EPG and this means
 that the EITpf timing used in this patch is not more accurate than the EPG

 The bookmark that is set to mark the start of the program is correct.
 However, MythTV has already the capability to set a bookmark at the start
 of the program when the recording is scheduled to start earlier. In my
 system it feels that both ways of generating start-of-program bookmarks
 have the same accuracy.

 End of recording\\
 Extending the recording until the EITpf signals the end works correct; as
 my EPG is quite good the only way to test this is to schedule the
 recording to stop before the end of the program. The patch does cause the
 recording to continue until the end of the program.\\
 However, as mentioned in the original description, this means that you
 cannot schedule a recording anymore to end before the end of the
 AFAIK the EPG is updated from the EIT as long as the end time of the
 program is in the future, so recordings should already be extended

 Incorrect recording\\
 On my system the recording of the news bulletin went wrong.\\
 The news bulletin is repeated a number of times at night and the recording
 of one instance of this was extended until the end of the last repeat.
 Investigation shows that all repeats do have the same "program ID"
 (something like "bds.tv/123456") and this causes the code to see all
 repeats as a single program.\\

 What about RST\\
 A DVB transport stream can have an RST (running status table) (PID 0x13)
 which should give really accurate start- and endtimes, better than the
 EIT. This is the table that should be used! However, my DVB-C signal does
 not have the RST tables.

 The EIT data goes into the EPG, the recordings are controlled by the EPG
 and if the EIT information is not in time propagated into the EPG then
 that is the problem that should be fixed, rather than setting up a
 parallel path that uses the same EIT data.

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