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Mon Oct 29 03:53:39 UTC 2018

#13256: mythtv-setup Xubuntu 18.04
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Comment (by trinitronx):

 I can confirm this is still an issue with the following latest 0.29 fixes
 packages in mythbuntu PPA:

 mythtv-backend 2:29.1+fixes.20181018.d8a2db
 mythtv-common  2:29.1+fixes.20181018.d8a2db

 I wanted to try and apply these changes, so I cloned down the git repo.
 However, I'm not finding any scripts matching "mythtv-setup.sh" or

 These scripts appear to be owned by mythtv-backend and mythtv-common

 $ dpkg -S /usr/share/mythtv/mythtv-setup.sh
 mythtv-backend: /usr/share/mythtv/mythtv-setup.sh
 $ dpkg -S /usr/share/mythtv/dialog_functions.sh
 mythtv-common: /usr/share/mythtv/dialog_functions.sh

 Where is the source code repo where these scripts live?

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