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#13269: Active EIT scanning stops after failed tuning
     Reporter:  jmwislez              |      Owner:  dekarl
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    Component:  MythTV - EIT          |    Version:  v29.1
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 I have a DVB-S2 adapter connected to a single LNB, pointed to Astra 23.5.
 I use 10 transponders on that satellite position.

 What I observe is that once or twice per day, active EIT is started on
 that adapter, starting on a random transponder (expected).  The crawling
 process scans successive transponders (always the same sequence), but at a
 certain moment reaches a transponder which it fails to tune (can happen).
 Following the failed tuning the crawling process stops (not good), and
 consequently the transponders that come directly after that one rarely get
 scanned (problem).

 The tuned failing is because the channel data for the channel that is
 tuned to is outdated, after the channel moved to a different transponder.
 Of course correcting this channel solves the problem, but outdated
 channels are a reality on satellite systems with hundreds of channels and
 daily changes.  This should not undermine a feature like EIT scanning.

 At least, the crawler should move on to the next transponder after a
 failed tuning.

 Even better, the crawler should first check whether there are other known
 channels on the same transponder, and try to tune these first.  Not all
 channels on the transponder may have moved or disappeared.

 Note that ticket 12106 exposes a similar problem (different cause).

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