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Wed Jun 6 06:55:27 UTC 2018

#13292: LiveTV Channel Switching - DVB-T/T2 UK Freeview
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 I am seeing a number of issues in LiveTV when changing to certain channels
 on DVB-T/T2 UK Freeview. The symptoms vary from an ok channel change, to
 video with no audio, vidio with wrong audio (subtitle fails) to "cannot
 open decoder".

 It seems that codec detection for LiveTV is having problems with certain
 channels, where mp3 codec is detected. It is particularly noticeable for
 Sky News channel.

 The issues are also present on mythtv 29, so the recent bump to ffmpeg 4
 in master does not seem to be the cause.

 mythtv 0.28 works but also has the Ring Buffer detection issues, but
 channel change is ok.

 Note Channel switching times are also long due to Ring Buffer
 detection not failing, it falls back to in-file.

 Attached are a number of debug logs including ffmpeg, mythffmpeg and
 mediainfo data taken from a recording of Sky News channel.

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