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Mon Feb 5 23:28:36 UTC 2018

#12976: Channel Icons not being downloaded from www.lyngsat-logo.com
 Reporter:  nigel                      |          Owner:  stuarta
     Type:  Bug Report - General       |         Status:  assigned
 Priority:  minor                      |      Milestone:  29.2
Component:  Services - Icon Downloads  |        Version:  0.28.0
 Severity:  low                        |     Resolution:
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Comment (by anonymous@…):

 Replying to [comment:11 mitch.capper@…]:
 > Have we considered using alternate sources? Schedules direct, for
 example, gives logo links right in the feed.

 Those with a Schedules Direct subscription can get the logo references
 with their subscriptions today, and load them with a number of solutions,
 but not everyone is a Schedules Direct subscriber, and the channel icons
 are (of course) limited to those locations that Schedules Direct supports
 (which is not the entire world).  The challenge, as before, is a good
 source of unencumbered logos (technically, in many jurisdictions (and
 especially the US), the station logos are copyrighted material, and
 require a license to redistribute).  While many stations might be happy
 for you to reference their logos, someone has to do the legwork to acquire
 legal authorization.  Are you willing and able to do that legwork?

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