[mythtv-commits] Ticket #13363: (Very) Minor improvements to StringList protocol encoding debug

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Sat Dec 22 15:30:41 UTC 2018

#13363: (Very) Minor improvements to StringList protocol encoding debug
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 Two incredibly small tweaks made during my debug of #13315...

 * Don't unnecessarily construct the `QByteArray payload` in
 `ReadStringListReal()`, it is only used for the debug log so move the
 construction inside the condition.
 * Increase the length of the log of the encoded `QStringList` in
 `WriteStringListReal` and `ReadStringListReal` to 127 (from 85) in the
 non-debug case. I found 85 wasn't quite enough to see what was going on
 for some commands when using real world path lengths in the command
 arguments. (127 is entirely arbitrary, I had been using 255 in my local
 debug but that seemed quite a lot so I settled in 127 for this

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