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#13355: DVB HD Simulcast logical channel descriptor support
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 A MythTV DVB channelscan creates a list of channels with channel numbers
 defined by the Logical Channel Descriptors in the NIT.
 A DVB-C capable HDTV processes also the HD Simulcast Logical Channel
 Descriptor which defines the correct channel number for channels that are
 transmitted both in SD and in HD quality.

 For instance, MythTV puts channel "NPO 1" at number 1 and channel "NPO 1
 HD"(HD version of the same channel) at number 925.
 My DVB-C TV does the opposite; channel "NPO 1 HD" is at number 1 and
 channel "NPO 1" is at number 925.

 The attached patch does add the processing of the HD Simulcast
 The result is a channel list that is identical to that of my TV.
 This is tested with the DVB-C signal of operator Ziggo in The Netherlands.

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