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Fri Aug 31 08:09:39 UTC 2018

#13311: VAAPI rewrite
 Reporter:  Peter Bennett            |          Owner:  Peter Bennett
     Type:  Developer Task           |         Status:  new
 Priority:  minor                    |      Milestone:  30.0
Component:  MythTV - Video Decoding  |        Version:  Master Head
 Severity:  medium                   |     Resolution:
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Comment (by ijc):

 > Do people really need to change deinterlacer while playing?

 My guess is that the major use case is when experimenting to find the best
 settings for your setup, where leaping back and forth between the settings
 and playback is a faff. In normal use it seems like it would be much less

 Maybe that sort of setup tweaking is not something which should happen
 when VAAPI deinterlacing is active though?

 Are there circumstances where the selection of deinterlacer can depend on
 the content being played back (as opposed to the hardware in use etc),
 e.g. perhaps one channel is better with one deint and another with a
 different one?

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