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#13306: MythArchive fails during DVD Menu creation
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 Until last year I used MythArchive regularly.  A recent attempt under
 Fedora 27 failed, but under SL7 at the same MythTV Master commit it

 DVD menus screens are assembled from images and masks in RGBA format that
 are combined and saved as jpeg.  Since python-pillow release 4.2.0 this
 causes an 'IOError: cannot write mode RGBA as JPEG'

 The release note says:

 Before Pillow 4.2.0, attempting to save an RGBA image as JPEG would
 discard the alpha channel. From Pillow 3.4.0, a deprecation warning was
 shown. From Pillow 4.2.0, the deprecation warning is removed and an
 :py:exc:`IOError` is raised

 Fedora 27 has python2-pillow-4.3.0-1,  SL7 has python-

 ubuntu 16.04 has python-pil 3.1.2, ubuntu 18.04 has python-pil 5.1.0

 My initial post about this, with a log extract, was at


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