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#13014: switching to required delivery system
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 The Hauppaugge Win soloHD and dualHD USB sticks (Silicon Labs Si2168),
 there are multiple delivery systems available: DVB-T, DVB-T2 and

 The default at boot seems to be DVB-T. Using the tool dvb-fe-tool it is
 easy to switch to the required delivery system ({{{dvb-fe-tool -a 0 -d
 DVBC/ANNEX_A}}} for example). But when running mythtv-setup, the delivery
 system is recognized from the card. And I have not found a way to switch

 My work-around is to run a quick systemd unit to use dvb-fe-tool to switch
 the card, but I feel I shoud be able to select the delivery system from
 the mythtv-setup utility.

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