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#13185: UI Issues with macOS High Sierra
     Reporter:  ctreleaven@…          |      Owner:  jyavenard
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    Component:  Ports - OSX           |    Version:  0.28.1
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 A MacPorts user reported various problems with MythTV on macOS 10.13
 ("High Sierra").  I've set up a High Sierra VM and installed myth 0.28.2
 on it.  There are several major UI problems:

 1)  mythtv-setup shows a blank screen on startup.  Clicking anywhere
 allows the main menu show.  It is then easy to trigger the problem where
 screens stop responding to the keyboard—have to click with a mouse to get
 focus back  For example, adding a new capture card or even just entering
 the Video Source Setup screen.  See #12857 for more description.

 2) mythfrontend - shows a menu when it should be in full screen mode.
 I'll attach a screen grab.

 3) mythfrontend - stops responding to the keyboard in certain spots.  For
 example if I enter the Setup > General screen.  As above for mythtv-setup,
 have to click to get focus back.

 4) mythfrontend — Dock is properly hidden when starting this app.  (The
 Dock is the macOS application launcher that, by default, floats above
 other windows.)  However, the Dock does not reappear when after exiting
 mythfrontend.  Have to toggle a setting in System Preferences to get the
 Dock to reappear.

 #1 and #3 mean that Myth can no longer be used via a 'ten-foot interface'.
 It is easy to get into situations where one has to click a mouse to regain
 control of the application.

 #2, #3, and #4 only occur on High Sierra.  Need to test #1 under other OS
 versions to be sure.  Myth was built with Qt 5.9.2--version info attached.

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