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Sun Apr 2 17:39:30 UTC 2017

#13021: Feature patch: Entry to watching livetv from frontend EPG using select
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Comment (by rsiddons):

 Note the guide can be invoked from 3 sources; main menu, live TV & pre-
 recorded videos/recordings. Change channel isn't sensible nor easy to
 implement for the latter, so there will always remain some inconsistency
 in the guide UI.

 New users expect the Select to invoke Live TV because that's what their TV
 does. However many Myth users use the guide exclusively for scheduling
 (the "Myth-way").

 The Select is always going to be ambiguous. A UI that guesses the user's
 intentions is likely to irritate many, particularly when it is time-based
 and obscures the option to override it.

 From Live TV it's reasonable to presume because the user is already using
 Live TV (although scheduling a recording about to start on another channel
 whilst continuing to watch the current one, seems problematic).

 But extending that behaviour to the menu guide is a bad idea, I think,
 particularly considering muscle-memory. If I try to schedule a last-minute
 recording by Guide, choose prog, Select, Select then it will usually do
 what I expect. Do it a minute too late and I'll end up in Live TV. WTF?
 And then I have to find an alternative route to schedule the recording.

 I suggest;
 1. Add Watch TV to the !EditRecording() pop-up so that users always see
 both options.
 2. Add the 'guessing logic' to the menu guide, as suggested, to preselect
 the relevant option. The user can then simply confirm it with 1 keypress,
 but always has the ability to override it.
 2. Add an "Always" (-1) value to the threshold setting to prevent the UI
 ever 'guessing' LiveTV. A default (5 mins/0 mins?) would enact the
 proposed behaviour for new users & LiveTV users. But non-LiveTV users
 could also configure it to preserve the existing behaviour (always

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