[mythtv-commits] Ticket #12955: After ffmpeg v3.2 resync DVD playback is without Audio

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Wed Dec 14 21:42:06 UTC 2016

#12955: After ffmpeg v3.2 resync DVD playback is without Audio
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Comment (by warpme@…):

 Indeed it looks like ffmpeg resync broke DVD navigation and sound problems
 are probably because navigation part selects wrong sound config/track. I
 can't get sound at all for DTS disks. For DD5.1 discs I have high chances
 for sound if playback is from bookmark (but with 3-7sec silence at
 playback beginning). If I want to play disk from disc MainMenu - it is
 almost impossible to get playback with sound as navigation is broken. I
 suspect when DVD navigation will be fixed - probably 5.1 sound discs will
 work OK. I suspect DTS issue is separate issue however....

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