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Fri Jan 30 20:50:19 EST 2004

Changes committed by rkulagow on Fri Jan 30 20:49:38 2004

Modified Files:
   in mythtv/docs:
        index.html mythtv-HOWTO-10.html mythtv-HOWTO-11.html 
        mythtv-HOWTO-15.html mythtv-HOWTO-16.html mythtv-HOWTO-17.html 
        mythtv-HOWTO-18.html mythtv-HOWTO-20.html mythtv-HOWTO-21.html 
        mythtv-HOWTO-3.html mythtv-HOWTO-4.html mythtv-HOWTO-5.html 
        mythtv-HOWTO-8.html mythtv-HOWTO-9.html 
        mythtv-HOWTO-singlehtml.html mythtv-HOWTO.html 
        mythtv-HOWTO.pdf mythtv-HOWTO.sgml mythtv-HOWTO.txt 
Log Message:
v0.13.16, 2004-01-30.  Add blurb that deinterlace playback checkbox is
linearblend and to uncheck if you don't want it at the head.  Remove
references to metadata SQL stuff in other modules.  Standardize some
spellings.  Add Kenneth Aafloy's multi-CPU/distcc build instructions.  Get
rid of most of the Red Hat 8.0 stuff.


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