[mythtv-commits] mythtv commits

mythtv at ijr.dnsalias.org mythtv at ijr.dnsalias.org
Fri Aug 29 03:30:03 EDT 2003

Changes committed by ijr on Fri Aug 29 02:26:28 2003

Added Files:
   in mythtv/libs/libavcodec:
Modified Files:
   in mythtv/libs/libavcodec:
        ac3enc.c allcodecs.c apiexample.c avcodec.h cljr.c common.h 
        dv.c error_resilience.c h263.c h263dec.c imgconvert.c 
        motion_est.c motion_est_template.c mpeg12.c mpegaudiodec.c 
        mpegvideo.c mpegvideo.h msmpeg4.c ra144.c ra288.c resample.c 
        vcr1.c viaslice.c vp3.c wmv2.c 
   in mythtv/libs/libavcodec/i386:
   in mythtv/libs/libavcodec/liba52:
        bit_allocate.c bitstream.c downmix.c imdct.c parse.c 
   in mythtv/libs/libavformat:
        asf.c avformat.h avidec.c avienc.c mov.c mpeg.c mpegts.c rm.c 
        utils.c wav.c 
   in mythtv/libs/libmythtv:
        avformatdecoder.cpp dvbrecorder.cpp hdtvrecorder.cpp 
Log Message:
ffmpeg resync.  I'd do a make distclean to make sure everything builds ok, but
it could be fine without..


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