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On Thu, Mar 14, 2024, 8:34 a.m. Stephen Worthington <
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> On Thu, 14 Mar 2024 08:01:01 -0400, you wrote:
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> Unless you specify otherwise, systemd will run everything as root.
> However, the standard mythtv-backend.service file includes this line:
> User=mythtv
> so mythbackendpre.sh will be run from user mythtv.  Which means that
> you will have to do something like the touch/chown/setfacl commands to
> create the log file for it, and they need to be done as root, so could
> not be done from the mythtv-backend.service file except by using an
> sudo helper script.  Which is complicated.
> The other alternative, which I think would be easier, would be to run
> mythfrontendpre.sh as a separate systemd unit, and then make
> mythtv-backend wait for the mythfrontendpre.service to complete before
> it is run.  Then the mythfrontendpre.sh service can just be run as
> root.  So you would put something like this in your
> mythtv-backend.service override files:
> [Unit]
> Wants=mythbackendpre.service
> After=mythbackendpre.service
> That is what I do with my local-network-pingable.service.
> Another alternative is to use the systemd journal to log to.  To do
> that, you make the output from mythfrontendpre.sh go to stdout instead
> of putting it in a log file.  You can then see the output by doing
> "journalctl -u mythtv-backend".  I think stderr output also goes to
> the journal.
> Thanks again for a great explanation. Realizing it's not something I need
to check on frequently, I went with the last option you suggested and used
the journal method.

Thanks again.

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