[mythtv-users] Replacement for Atom Motherboard

Jay Harbeston jharbestonus at gmail.com
Fri Mar 8 18:26:55 UTC 2024

> Ideally I'd like something exactly the same but newer. that is:
> Combined Frontend/Backend.
> Silent (in the huge Antec case the Atom is easy to cool with a big slow turning FAN).
> Low Power, which I think means hardware video acceleration.
> Fits inside the Antec case.
> Is there such a board?
> I've been looking at:
> - Raspberry PI.  The connections would be a bit messy and I'm not sure if I'd need a second PI/Firestick etc for the Frontend, but I think I could get it to work.
> - Some flavour of Intel NUC.  There seems to be a lot of choice and I'm not sure if hardware video acceleration is available, which means that CPU performance and cooling might need managing.  I seem to have a bit of a blind spot with motherboards and am wary of buying one that either won't play video smoothly or uses significantly more power than my existing setup.
> - Some super low power motherboard and a Pi/Firestick/etc for the frontend.

I have used NUC like mini pcs that are available on amazon for around $150 or so. They are typically N100 intel processors with 8-16 GB, 512GBNVME,  and slots for an SSD/NVME internally. 

They work well for me, in fact I am using one of them now, with an N95 intel processor.


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