[mythtv-users] backend arm64

jam jam at tigger.ws
Fri Mar 8 08:36:16 UTC 2024

On Friday, March 8, 2024 8:03:46 AM AWST James Linder wrote:
> Hi
> I put backend on a rapi5 and am having some funnies. Has anyone done so?
> Lets take an example
> Everything working normally and smoothly
> (There is a long story behind some choices)
> Armian 22.04
> M2 boot.
> apt (don’t remember PPA or upstream) mythbackend
> Today no metadata. 
> With hindsight setup ‘Coverart’, but restored yesterday backup. Chaos!
> Restored today backup. Chaos! None of the Storage groups have been restored.
> Metadata (pictures) restored, description was and is valid.
> Play a video
> failed to open remote file myth://Videos@sandypit/blabla
> ls shows the file IS there
> Since this is not the only funny is rapi5 a pipe dream. When it works it works well
Scan found Videos with Coverart and description, but that is not what I'd expect. If my schedule funnies persist that is a show stopper

What I found is this (I use real names in case any Aussie viewers want that detail)

Record 'gruen' on ABC 22 at 21:03 WST.

Recording 1, marked as damaged, 4 min from 21:03
Recording 2, marked as damaged, long from 21:03 (sic) really from about 21:10
Recording 3, normal recording.

Guide shows 1 mux on 22 only !!

Altogether strange. Will closely monitor

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