[mythtv-users] Network issues (slightly OT)

Stephen Worthington stephen_agent at jsw.gen.nz
Thu Mar 7 01:36:28 UTC 2024

On Wed, 6 Mar 2024 19:44:20 -0500, you wrote:

>Thanks for the analysis. My router (G3100 Verizon FIOS) has a built-in 4
>port switch. The slave backend is behind another 8 port dumb switch (I
>needed to network a printer in the same room). DNS seems to work at the
>backend workstation, I can ping google.com. I discovered an address
>conflict with one of my numerous wifi devices and my slave backend, but
>it's not the communications with the secondary backend that seems to be the
>problem. I will note that I can't ping my primary backend from my laptop,
>which can ping the slave. The slave can't ping the master. The difference
>seems to be the slave is behind another switch. I've made some changes in
>the IPV4 connection list on the router. I'm going to give it an hour or two
>to update (home router).

The simple thing to do would be to connect everything on your LAN to
the separate 8 port switch and see if they can talk to each other
then.  That does not help with the WiFi devices, but it makes it easy
to see if the router LAN ports are doing something other than just
Ethernet switching between themselves.

It sounds like the change of router has also changed the subnet prefix
used for your internal network.  That is always a problem as there are
places in various bits of configuration where you wind up having to
use an IP address which will then not be updated to the new subnet
unless you remember it and manually change it.  This can cause all
sorts of network problems.  Personally, I prefer to run my own
internal DNS servers and use DNS names instead of IP addresses, but
even then there are some configurations that do not permit the use of
DNS names.  And running DNS servers is not a trivial thing either.

If the subnet prefix has changed, then you also need to reboot every
single device on your network so that they will get new IP addresses
in the correct range from the new router's DHCP server.  And update
any static IP addresses, which you might have on server boxes like the
MythTV backends.

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