[mythtv-users] backend browser

jam jam at tigger.ws
Wed Mar 6 09:44:03 UTC 2024

I post rather than file a ticket as the answer may be complex

I duplicated the storage areas (/store) for another machine BBB
I restored the database on BBB of the original AAA (with 
I setup changing the AAA ip to BBB's ip and BBB to master. AAA is also master.
Setup->general, on BBB, shows AAA's tuners [error'd] not the setup identical 
AAA tuners (!!!)

Delete All tuners on BBB
New tuner /dev/dvb/adapter0/frontend0

[warning that tuner is already in use] (!!!!!!!!!)

Cannot progress. I will shutdown AAA (in a while), but here-be-dragons !

Jim has done this: How to clone a master-backend ?


PS this is all part of my migrating backend to a raspberry pi5
Start frontend is 1/2 sec slower, but I swear on me muvvers grave playback is 
smoother !!!

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