[mythtv-users] Creating user "mythtv" before installing mythtv

James Abernathy jfabernathy at gmail.com
Fri Mar 1 12:58:24 UTC 2024

My previous discussion on this in Debian 12 with mythtv from
deb-multimedia.org is buried in a long thread so I'm creating a new one
with new information.

It was pointed out that deb-multimedia's version of mythtv v34 from
stable-backports has an additional line in the systemd service,


When I created my user 'mythtv' before installing mythtv I used:

sudo addgroup --gid 200 mythtv
sudo adduser --ingroup mythtv --home /home/mythtv --shell /bin/bash --uid
200 mythtv

This was causing the mythtv Web App to use an incorrect mythconverg
password, 'mythv' and it would not connect to the database.

I could get around this by copying the real password from
/etc/mythtv/config.xml to the field in the web app for the mythconverg

I also found out that I could edit the mythtv-backend.service with:

sudo systemctl edit --full mythtv-backend.service

and change the Environment= to:


That was pointed out to me, but I was too stupid at that time to understand
that.  However, with a lot of experimenting thanks to timeshift and btrfs I
could try out multiple installs and test this to prove it out.

Thanks for all the help from those on this list.

Jim A
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