[mythtv-users] OT: Recommended Wi-Fi NIC for Linux

Tom Bishop bishoptf at gmail.com
Mon Jan 29 21:13:02 UTC 2024

On Mon, Jan 29, 2024 at 2:58 PM Will Dormann <wdormann at gmail.com> wrote:

> On 1/29/24 2:32 PM, Gary Buhrmaster wrote:
> > I forgot to mention that the kernel will request
> > firmware from the max API version supported,
> > down to the minimum API version supported
> > for that kernel.
> Ok, yeah, this seems to be the case.  Just on a whim, by dropping the
> iwlwifi-ty-a0-gf-a0-86.ucode blob with the rest of the firmwares, Linux
> sill loads the older 83 version.  So presumably this is evidence that
> indeed the kernel does have a maximum version that it'll attempt to load.
> It is possible the 6.5 kernel
> > only supports ...83... as the highest validated
> > firmware version.  As 6.5 is EOL, you might
> > need to move to a later kernel to get support
> > for a later firmware level (I know kernel 6.7
> > supports the version 86 version firmware).
> Yeah, it might be an option. Though TBH, this is Ubuntu 22.04 with the
> updated HWE kernel.  I played briefly with the mainline
> <https://github.com/bkw777/mainline> package for installing Ubuntu
> mainline kernel builds.  And while it did install 6.7 OK, it put
> packages in a weird state because the kernel package was built on a
> system that had a newer version of libc than what 22.04 provides.  So I
> pretty quickly jettisoned that idea.
> I also briefly played with a Broadcom Wi-Fi adapter that I happened to
> have around and that was a complete nightmare in and of itself that I
> gave up on before getting it completely working.
> For now, I've got some iwlwifi module options set to see if they help:
> options iwlmvm power_scheme=1
> options iwlwifi bt_coex_active=0
> But I probably won't be confident that it's had an effect for a week
> maybe.  I've also heard that the ALFA AWUS036AXML is also an option that
> "just works" and well at that, while also supporting Wi-Fi 6E, FWIW.
> Failing any of that, I suppose when Ubuntu 24.04 is released, maybe the
> kernel is new enough to avoid most of this trouble.  It's just
> disappointing to see how much of a wild west the whole concept as
> rudimentary as "working wifi" is in the land of Linux in the year 2024.
> :-/
> -WD
For what its worth, I've been a long time linux user and used to only use
intel nics/wifi adapters since they used to be well supported and just
worked but some years ago I started having issues with the intel drivers
and started using Atheros Wifi and have had better luck with stability and
just working. Maybe they are not as fast etc but for me I have had much
better luck using them vs intel, YMMV.

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