[mythtv-users] Leanfront problem - too many recordings?

Peter Bennett pb.mythtv at gmail.com
Mon Jan 1 15:27:31 UTC 2024

On 1/1/24 05:47, John Pilkington wrote:
> On 01/01/2024 08:56, Stephen Worthington wrote:
>> Having just bought a new LG C3 48" 4K TV, I have now also got a FireTV
>> Stick 4K Max to go with it, as that seems to be the easy way to get a
>> full HDMI 2.1 4:4:4 connection to the TV for the best picture. So I
>> have installed the leanfront app on it and tried it out.  When I set
>> leanfront to point to my mother's MythTV box, it works as expected.
>> But when I point it to my own MythTV box, it fails to download the
>> recordings list.  I suspect this is due to my box having 63021
>> recordings (121.9 Tibytes).  When I do a command like this from
>> another PC on my network:
>> curl http://mypvr:6544/Dvr/GetRecordedList -o recordedlist.xml
>> it takes just over 45 seconds before the backend starts sending the
>> list, and then the downloaded list is 143 Mbytes.  So I suspect two
>> different things could be a problem where - first, leanfront may be
>> timing out while waiting to receive the data from the backend, and
>> second, the data may be too big for leanfront to handle.  Is there a
>> way to see if leanfront is logging any messages that would shed some
>> light on the problem?
> https://github.com/bennettpeter/android-MythTV-Leanfront#debugging
> Perhaps the startup could omit sending thumbnails for every recording? 
> My main system has 'only' arond 2000 recordings, and works well, but 
> all those thumbnails could be overkill.
> John P
> _______________________________________________
I have never tested it with that many recordings. Please open an issue 
in github https://github.com/bennettpeter/android-MythTV-Leanfront and 
we can work on a solution. A log from while it is starting would be 
useful. Also, do you see an error message, or just an empty list?


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