[mythtv-users] Fwd: MythTV v34 missing dependency

James Abernathy jfabernathy at gmail.com
Thu Feb 29 20:38:17 UTC 2024

 Christian Marillat, the package maintainer for DMO mythtv has fixed the 2
issues I reported.
I plan on spinning up a fresh Debian 12 VM to test. I'll report if there
are any issues.

Fixed in stable-backports:

| mythtv-dmo (1:34.0+really34-dmo0~bpo12+3) stable-backports; urgency=medium
|   * libmythtv-perl should Depends on libxml-simple-perl (Thanks James
|     Abernathy for the bug report)
|   * Add libmythtv-perl in Recommends for mythtv-backend and
|     packages.
|  -- Christian Marillat <marillat at deb-multimedia.org>  Thu, 29 Feb 2024
17:06:36 +0100

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